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Population : 5496 Men : 2469 Women : 2421 Children : 606 Voters : 2400


Name : Ramasani Ramesh Naidu Phone : 84659-50331
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Balemla GP Telanga Sayudha Porata Ghattam History

The Role of Communist Leaders of Balemla in the Armed Movement of Telangana is invaluable. The village of Balemla had become a victim of atrocities of Nizam Rulers and and various types of Taxation.  The root cause of The Armed Movement of Telangana is to liberate the downtrodden, helpless masses, protect the land and provide the employment.
Movements intensified and efforts were made to educate the masses against the atrocities of Nizam rulers. Nizam government resorted to many inhuman practices to quell the movements. Shoot at site practice was adopted against the leaders of the movement and many common men also lost their lives in this operation.
    The driving force for the movement was the cadre of Nalgonda Region.  Inspired by the ideology of communist giants like Puchalapalli Sundaraiah, Bheemireddy Narsimha Reddy, Thirumala Rao etc ,  the local leaders  of Balemla reinforced the movement in Nalgonda Region. The attention of then employees of Nizam Govt. and Rajakars was drawn towards Balemla village which was booming with protests. The officials of Nizam Govt. were angry on prevention of tax payments by leaders.
    On October 18 of 1946, a battalion of Nizam Police troops in large number surrounded Balemla Village in the early hours of Morning. They took position in several locations of streets and lanes and pointed guns against people notwithstanding their involvement in the movement.  This was opposed by local leaders like Garlapati Anantha Reddy, Patel Matta Reddy, Sunku Rangaiah and Patel Anantha Reddy and they were pointed by guns of the troops. Unmoved by the guns Patel Mattareddy and Garlapati Anatha Reddy had opposed the police and in the friction took place they lost their lives by bullets released by their guns. Sunku Rangaiah and some others were injured. This incident enraged the villagers and they collectively chased the police who fled from the spot immediately.
    A big Rally was organized in and people seriously vowed to achieve the goals of belated leaders of the village. The incident of Balemla inspired the people of Telangana at large and the farmers opposed jagirdars openly with local weapons in protection in later part.

Name Date Location
Dasara Festival - 2019 Oct 08, 2019 Narashimha Swamy Temple
Bathukamma Festival - 2019 Oct 06, 2019 Narashimha Swamy Temple
IndependanceDay - 2019 Aug 15, 2019 Balemla Grama Panchayat Karyalayam.
Bonalu festival Aug 08, 2019 Balemla